Buying a wine cooler can be a great idea if you like drinking wine regularly or like to throw parties where a lot of good wine is consumed. A good wine cooler is the best way to keep your wine retain its taste and texture. But like most other things in the world, wines come in different flavours and so does the wine coolers. Before buying a particular one, you should understand a little about the different types of wine coolers and how they can help you with your wine collection.

Single Zone Coolers:

These are the most basic types of coolers when it comes to storing wines. A single zone wine cooler is usually quite small and you can fit them anywhere in your place. They are named single zone as they provide only one temperature zone for storing wines meaning you can store either red or white wine, not both. If you have just started to grow your wine collection and prefer only a single type of wine, this cooler is tailor made for you. You can easily store up to 22 bottles of wine using single zone coolers.

Dual Zone Coolers:

As the name suggests, these coolers are for storing two different types of wines at the same time. This is perfect for true enthousiasts who enjoy their red and white wines equally. There are two different storing zones for wines in these coolers and you can set two different temperatures for the two zones. These coolers usually come in large sizes and some let you store even 60 wine bottles.

Built-in Coolers:Wine Cooler

Built-in coolers are not actually differentiated because of their functionality but rather due to their designs and usability. These are coolers made for homes where there is a want of space. These coolers can be easily incorporated inside the kitchen counter. This looks cool and saves a lot of space but due to obvious reasons, they cannot store too many bottles at the same time. Built-in coolers are available in single zone and dual zone variants.

Apart from these base features, you will encounter a lot of additional features like odor control, dust control, air lock and carbon filtration. Those are all bells and whistles aimed at the truly experienced wine connoisseurs. For beginners, the information above should be sufficient in buying a good wine coolers that serves the basic purposes perfectly.


If a regular mattress is not available, on camping trips or for instance when you’re moving, an air mattress ensures you can still get a good nights’s sleep. Obviously, an air mattress is filled with air, and this can give a more comfortable place to sleep than you might think. The comfort and ease of use make an air bed an excellent alternative to a regular bed.

Air Bed and Air Mattress

As said, air mattresses can be useful in many different situations because they can be folded or rolled, which means they can easily be taken wherever you like to go. Inflating your air bed is usually done with an internal electric pump, which means you can have a comfortable mattress within minutes.

One thing to take into account though is the variation in length, width, thickness and the material used. The larger, or to be more precise, thicker the air mattress is, the more comfortable but unfortunately also more expensive it is. To save on cost, you could choose an air mattress that needs to be inflated separately, with an external pump.

While air mattresses air mattresses are always inflated to a reasonable thickness, the cheaper sleeping mats are not. Mainly used for camping trips, these mats are made of sturdier material so they’re easier to use on uneven or rocky grounds. And, of course, the size makes them easier to carry.

The choice is up to you, but generally speaking an air mattress is for more comfortable use and sleeping mats are for camping trips.